About us

About us

In 1996, the initial C.A.L business was created by Jean Marie Carpentier after leaving his position as company secretary at Fleuve Noir (now Fleuve Editions), held since 1960.

In the 60s, few editors pitched their works for television adaptations, Jean Marie Carpentier was a forerunner in the field, which explains how so many works by Léo Malet, Frédéric Dard, G.J. Arnaud and so many others have been adapted:

For television :

Nestor Burma adapted from Léo Malet

Les semailles et les Moissons (Sowing and Reaping) adapted from Henri Troyat

Mausolé pour une garce (Mausoleum for a Bitch) adapted from Frédéric Dard

Sam et Sally (Sam and Sally) adapted from M.G. Braun

La Compagnie des glaces (The Ice Company) adapted from G.J. Arnaud

Daddy adapted from Loup Durand

Le Horsain (The Foreigner) adapted from Father Bernard Alexandre

For the silver screen:

Les yeux sans visages (Eyes Without a Face) adapted from Jean Redon

Les longs manteaux (The Long Jackets) adapted from G.J. Arnaud

En toute innocence (In Utter Innocence) adapted from André Lay

L'été en pente douce (Summer on a Gentle Slope) adapted from Pierre Pelot

Le sang est plus épais que l'eau (Thicker Than Water) adapted from Frédéric Dard and Robert Hossein

Y-a-t-il un Français dans la salle ? (Is There a Frenchman in the House?) adapted from San-Antonio

Zone rouge (Red Zone) adapted from G.J. Arnaud

In 1996, Editions Plon asked him to manage their audiovisual rights. Other publishing houses (Les Nouveaux Auteurs, Perrin, Bragelonne) followed suit soon after.

J’ai épousé un con (I Married an Idiot) adapted from Agnès Bouquet (2711 Productions)

Correspondance avec son mari (Letters to Her Husband) adapted from Alexandra David Neel (Pierre Javaux Productions)

Le sorcier de l'Elysée (The Wizard of the Elysée) adapted from François Bazin (Roche Productions)

Accident de parcours (Wrong Turn) adapted from Jean Cavé (GTV Productions)

Les jeudis de Julie (Julie's Thursdays) adapted from G.J. Arnaud (Delante Productions)

La Guerre des cancres (The War of Dunces) adapted from Bertrand Matot (Flash Films)

Le Confident (The Confidant) adapted from Hélène Grémillon (Egerie Production/Gaumont)

Mako adapted from Laurent Guillaume (GMT Productions)

L'Elysée, coulisses et secrets d'un Palais (The Elysée Palace, Secrets Behind the Scenes) adapted from Patrice Duhamel and Jacques Santamaria (Madrange Production)

Contours du jour qui vient (A Glimpse of Tomorrow) adapted from Leonora Miano (Films du Fleuve)

Autobiographie d'une courgette (Autobiography of a Zucchini) adapted from Gilles Paris (Blue Spirit)

Marie d'en Haut (Marie from Upstairs) adapted from Agnès Ledig (Auteurs Associés) 

Today, the new C.A.L. business is directed by Nathalie Carpentier, the wife of Jean Marie Carpentier, provides a developed framework that allows you to find select material for audiovisual adaptation with a quick flip through our catalogue of 150 works by renown authors and publishers, updated quarterly.

The on-demand research tool gives you access to the entire C.A.L. collection, comprising close to 5,000 works of French literature spanning all genres.

C.A.L. has now developed an international profile dealing with major European, American and Chinese producers on projects that contribute to our culture's influence on the world stage.

La Liberté, c’est mon plaisir (Freedom is my Pleasure) by Robert de la Rochefoucauld (Perrin) - USA

L’arche de Noé (Noah's Ark) by Marie Madeleine Fourcade (Plon) - USA

Luxomania by Edwige Martin (Plon) - China

La dernière nuit de Claude Eatherly (Claude Eatherly's last night) by Marc Durin-Valois (Plon) - USA

The next step of our development will see the opening of a writing workshop set to launch in 2016, giving you the opportunity to discover unpublished work written specifically for audiovisual adaptation.

Our last negocitaitons :

La mésange et l'Ogresse by Harold Cobert ( France adaptation sous forme de serie TV )

L'article 122-1 by David Messager (France adaptation Tv )

Plein la vue by G.J. Arnaud (France film TV )

Jean Luchaire by Cedric Meleta (France Film cinématographique )

We thank you for your interest, and would love to hear from you at: carpentier@calfrance.fr

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