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Souffles couplés
Gérald Tenenbaum

Souffles couplés

Alex was born in the mountains. After the tragedy, he was eleven then, the policemen took him in their van down in the valley. He never went back in the mountains and since then he could never read again. Strong-minded and at the same time fragile, he has become a bartender in Grenoble. Alex remembers everything he sees or hears and Sandra who teaches at the University helps him to learn to read again and to recuperate after the trauma. Maggy who works in the police uses his talents to solve some tricky investigations, like the one concerning the stranger of the Mistral Park. The thread of these stories and of History become intermingled… The outstanding structure of “Souffles couplés” keeps the mystery alive till the end. Through Alex’s painful quest, Gérald Tenenbaum examines the issues of having a “double”, of memory, mutual aid and friendship.

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