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These are the novels, the works of general literature, the stories and romances that allow us to discover the reality of our lives and the idealized or tragic vision we have of it.

Mister K

Marc Michel-Amadry

Victor Karsten, aka Mister K, is an internationally famous and successful art dealer with a dark history. Privacy is supreme to Victor and thus, very few have even seen the Picasso, Warhol, de Staël and Basquiat works he owns. Victor owes his wealth to a crime perpetrated long...

Easy Bait

Christine Védrines

The true story of a mental manipulation that drove a family to ruin and self-destruction : parents to mistrut their children, brother to protect themselves against their sisters, husband to become the accomplices of their wives'persecutor.

In praise of cellulite and other misfortunes

Dominique Dyens

April 2020: Women change their breasts to follow fashion and surgeons have become rock stars, acclaimed by crowds of fans. On every street corner, men and women proudly display their perfect, remodeled bodies. One day, Stéphane, a fashion photographer fed up with the tyranny...

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