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Detective Stories

Souffles couplés Gérald Tenenbaum

Alex was born in the mountains. After the tragedy, he was eleven then, the policemen took him in their van down in the valley. He never went back in the mountains and since then he could never read again. Strong-minded and at the same time fragile, he has become a bartender...

The Judge Christopher Lambert

Paris nowadays. Plagued by crime and delinquency, the capital finally founds a hero: The Judge. From the scum of the slums to the big bosses of the CAC 40, no one escapes his sentences... and the police, despite all the efforts of Commissioner Mérigneux, is not able to ca...

Where the Light Fades Auteur en référencement

Destroying the Internet? Dangerous, but not impossible. A connected god, a Silicon Valley magnate, Paul turns against his creation; he has recruited an army of 10,000 men to destroy the network. When he is shot, he entrusts the operation to his childhood friend, Robin, an ins...

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