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Easy Bait Christine Védrines

The true story of a mental manipulation that drove a family to ruin and self-destruction : parents to mistrut their children, brother to protect themselves against their sisters, husband to become the accomplices of their wives'persecutor.

Joinovici - The underground empire of the billionaire ragman Serge Jacquemard

How do you make a fortune if you can’t read or write? Easy: just be named Joseph Joinovici and have zero principles. A ragman turned iron supplier in a France between two wars, he experiences a meteoric rise: collaborator, honorary Aryan Jew, he will accumulate a colossal fo...

Souffles couplés Gérald Tenenbaum

Alex was born in the mountains. After the tragedy, he was eleven then, the policemen took him in their van down in the valley. He never went back in the mountains and since then he could never read again. Strong-minded and at the same time fragile, he has become a bartender...

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