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Easy Bait Christine Védrines

The true story of a mental manipulation that drove a family to ruin and self-destruction : parents to mistrut their children, brother to protect themselves against their sisters, husband to become the accomplices of their wives'persecutor.

I died yesterday Patrick Jaulent

John, a Plastic Surgeon in Hollywood, has built a luxurious life, made of sports cars and luxury clothes. His family? A mere inconvenience, he copes up with between two rounds of golf. Why bother with others when you win millions of dollars and keep having beautiful women i...

José Richard Andrieux

“At every opportunity, he chose to remain alone. At school during the break, he would go and sit down by himself on a bench he called ‘Courage’, then he would close his eyes. He felt fine that way.” José is nine. He is a sensitive child whose father died when he was just a ...

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